a challenge to blogging?

A post on the Chronicle‘s Wired Campus blog caught my eye the other day: "Blogs May Be Rendered Obsolete by New Technology."  Quite a statement!  Seems the author feels that RSS aggregators (not nearly new, actually) and "micro-blogging" applications like Twitter might be stealing some blog thunder.  The author’s point is that these technologies – all of which provide a vehicle for discussion of content, whether it’s content from a blog that was pulled via RSS, or fresh content created by a Twitter author – might portend the death of blogging.  Yeah… guess I don’t really agree.  While in the early days of blogging, blogs were easily confused with discussion boards (still are, by some newbies), blogging as a practice really revolves around the post, tied to the blogger’s identity, authorial voice, etc. etc.  We’re lucky if our posts get one comment, and even luckier if they spark a discussion.  🙂  I suppose that the technology itself is only half the story, anyway – blogging as a practice is fairly different than Twittering as a practice, and while there are places of overlap and opportunities for convergence, I think changes in blogging would have to be rooted in changes to the practice of blogging – which, at the moment, seems fairly stable.


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