help fund good teaching with technology!

A friend of mine from high school, Matt Anthes-Washburn, has been nominated for a prestigious physics teaching award from the NSF for his excellence in teaching high school physics.  You can see him in action in this Neighborhood Network News report video (opens in Windows Media Player).  Congrats, Matt!

He’s also currently trying to get a classroom technology project funded through  An excerpted description: " My students are English Language Learners and
recent immigrants from various countries. Together, we learn physics
through inquiry, while learning English language in context. …In
this project, we will integrate physical supports such as graphic
organizers and structured notebook pages with state-of-the art digital
technology. …My students need a wireless Wacom Graphire Bluetooth tablet, a VGA adapter, and 30 reams of copy paper. The cost of this proposal is $544."  Contribute here to help his kids!


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