once upon a time…

Well, it seems to be time for one of my now-standard "shocking" realizations that I haven’t blogged in a dog’s age.  This despite an earlier promise to myself to blog along with my class, which lasted about two weeks.  I have a list of excuses handy (who knew how time consuming it would be to teach a class, spend a day each week collecting data, work part time, and have a personal life that involves commuting to another state every other weekend?) etc., but really, I think the main reason is that blogging has fallen out of my daily or even weekly (or – eep! – monthly) practice. 

I’ve always used this space as a way to reflect or ruminate on issues related to my work and study, and found that practice an incredibly helpful way to digest things that I’d been reading for classes, etc.  I’m still reading now that I’m no longer taking classes, of course, but the practice has changed, and I didn’t make an effort to fit in blogging at the outset.

Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that I’m working on my dissertation, which is often a rather solitary practice (or at least romanticized that way) – the researcher alone with her data, which only she can possibly understand…   which has some truth, I suppose, but of course any idea can benefit from multiple perspectives.  So where does blogging fit in with dissertating, for me?  Something to think on…


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