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So, I’ve been working on getting my emerging syllabus up onto Studyplace, which I’ve chosen as the wiki tool for our course.  It’s a project started by a prof in my department, with a goal of being an "educational commons" that facilitates inquiry around the question "what educates?"  (No small task, eh?)  They also provide a space for courses to have a home, and I thought that it would be appropriate for a class on social and communicative aspects of ICTs to be housed in such a framework.

Anyway, the course is one that’s been on the books for a few years now at TC – I took it during my first semester, almost 5 years ago (memories…) – and is usually taught by my advisor.  I’ve kept his assignments and course goals, but have also had quite a bit of flexibility.  So, I added a semester-long blogging assignment, made an underlying research strand more explicit, and chose the course topics and readings.   I’m happy for feedback, but be nice!  This is my first go around.  🙂



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2 responses to “course wiki

  1. dana

    This is looking good, Sarah. Are you going to be blogging along with your students? Will you use this space, or another (and what will you have them using?)
    Always interested in learning new ways to use blogging — and psyched to read students’ posts. How many do you have in the class?

  2. Sarah

    Hey, you know, I’m not entirely sure about blogging along with students… good question, I hadn’t really thought of it. I am planning to visit their blogs regularly and leave comments. I can imagine a scenario in which I have thoughts about the class or the material we’re covering, in which case I’d post here (like you do on your blog, Dana, pretty much). Priority #1 for tomorrow is to settle on a blog tool for them 🙂 I’ve been happy with WordPress in the past, I like the features, so will probably give that serious consideration. So far, 19 signed up and counting! (gulp) The class caps at 25.

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