in the Chronicle today

Jason just clued me into the fact that the article that my advisor and I wrote for Innovate has been recapped on the front page of today’s Chronicle – very exciting!  (Unfortunately, you need to have paid access to the Chronicle to read the whole thing.)  It looks like that as of right now, it’s also the second most often emailed article on the site today.  There’s certainly a lot of interest in this topic out there right now. For me, the most important point that our article tries to get across is the following: while we have primarily been exposed to an essentialized portrait of the Net Gen, talking about "college students" or "the Net Gen" may obfuscate the subtle yet complex ways that students take up technology in various contexts and for various purposes in their college experience.  If nothing else, I hope that we’ve maybe gotten the juices flowing a bit.



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2 responses to “in the Chronicle today

  1. Fantastic — and deserved! This is such a hot topic in higher ed publishing right now, too. I shall be toasting you in a matter of hours.

  2. good one, sarah. this argument needs to be made strongly. it’s one I’ve been writing about too.
    rethinking digital youth
    variations on this piece have been published here in a few places here in Australia, including a National Education magazine called Teacher

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