catching up and slowing down

So I just checked the date of my last post, and it’s been almost a month since the last time I wrote on this blog.  If I can step back for a moment and blog about my blogging, it’s true that this blog primarily deals with my professional interests, as opposed to my personal life – to the extent that they can be separated, of course.  This past month has been quite productive and interesting personally, but on a professional level, I’m kind of turning it down a notch for the summer – hence the silence on the blog. 

I do have a few projects that I’m excited about, though, especially my first "real" teaching gig.  Although I’ve helped to design, and instructed in, several high-residency technology-related workshops, this summer I’m teaching a section of a pre-freshman summer program in reading – and now for something completely different, right?  In many ways, yes – the population of students is very different from the liberal arts college students I’m used to working with – but I’m psyched for the opportunity.  Dana’s teaching the other section, and she’s a fantastic prof, so I’m excited to learn a lot from her.  We’ll be blogging, wiki-ing, discussing current events, the whole nine yards.  Expect lots of reflections here once the course begins.

The fun starts in July, so June is primarily a time to catch up on some reading, particularly with an eye toward editing the first few chapters of my dissertation.  (…since I don’t have any data yet.  grrr.)  The other thing I’m really excited about also has to do with teaching – specifically, a course at Teachers College in the fall, called Social and Communicative Aspects of Internet Communication Technologies.  Not my title – my advisor usually teaches it – but I do have a lot of freedom with the syllabus, and it’s been rather intoxicating to pull together something that represents my vision of the important conversations around this particular topic.  *No* idea how it’ll actually turn out, but I’m enjoying the planning at least.  Will post links to syllabi and whatnot once I have it finalized and up on a wiki.

So, lest you think I’m slacking… I kind of am, at least for now.  šŸ™‚  But lots of exciting things to come – not least, my dissertation data collection, should the gods smile on me at last! 


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