of conferences and talks

It’s been a busy week for listening to people speak on interesting topics… Just got back from AERA, where I presented a paper called Situating the Net Gen: Exploring the role of technology in the social identity of college students (download .doc handout/mini-paper).  It went well – we had a good, engaged crowd for the first day, first time slot of the conference (generally a buzz-kill, like being the first speaker after lunch or during the last day, last session).  The conference is huge, so I tried to hit up sessions on college students (we were pretty much the only one that talked about college students and tech) and also on qualitative methodology.  Definitely got some good tidbits, and also went to some fun parties.  Cheers to Syracuse and Vandy and their open bars! 

Today I was supposed to go to a one-day conference at Columbia on The Future of Undergraduate Education, which looked really interesting and pertinent to my interests.  Sadly, I got in 5 hours later than planned yesterday, and decided it was just to much to roll out of bed for another 8:15 am session.  I am going to rally however for danah boyd‘s talk this evening at the New School, as part of a panel called Democratization and the Networked Public Sphere.  All in all a good week for good info.


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