When life gives you lemons…

you beat them to a bloodly pulp and then scream in pain at the acidic juices seeping through your cracked and bleeding skin.

… or, you make lemonade?  Ok, lemonade it is.

So, my perfect awesome timeline for dissertation completion and world domination (ahem) has been altered by events out of my control.  No, I’m going to tell you what.  Suffice to say that it’s been a learning experience, and academia has lost a little of its happy shiny glow.  Now, most doc students are type A by nature (or else why would we be in grad school?), and so you can imagine that the disruption to my perfectly laid plans has been a little difficult.  And then seeing Plan B tank too, well…  let’s just say it’s taken me a while to choose lemonade over bloody pulp.

Anyway, though my semester may have been lost, I am determined not to lose the summer as well.  I have a list of things To Do that should keep me plenty busy, and moving forward.  For example:

1. write up that article on last year’s NRC presentation, like I’ve been meaning to
2. data analysis and report write up for a project I’m consulting on
3. revisit lit review and methodology from proposal with an eye toward beefing it up for diss
4. read, read, read

More important is the To Do list intended to keep me sane:

1. be outside as often as possible
2. rock climb as much as possible (the Gunks this year, baby!)
3. escape the city as much as possible

Lemonade, anyone?


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