Switzerland trip in images (still and moving) – updated

So I’m just back from a wonderful trip to Switzerland – in body anyway, but I think I may have left my heart in the Alps.  Anyway, I’m still processing my time there (both literally and figuratively), but have started to post some pics and movies.  Will add to the list as I go:

pics from Basel (3.13.07)  (and new! 3.15.07)
pics from Colmar (France) (3.14.07)
pics from Andermatt (3.16.07)
pics on the Glacier Express (3.16.07)
pics from Zermatt and Gornergrat (3.17.07)

movie of Matterhorn, Dufourspitze and glaciers as taken from observation deck in Gornergrat, 3089 m (3.17.07)
movie of me waving from the observation deck in Gornergrat (look, ma! I’m in the Alps!) (3.17.07)
movie of beginning of hike between Rotenboden and Riffelberg stations on the Gornergrat rack railway (3.17.07)
movie of the Gornergrat train in action, heading back down the mountain (3.17.07)


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