death of a blog

In composing my previous post, I intended to link to my old edublog ( – the first blog I wrote, which was dedicated to recording and thinking about the cool new technologies I came across in my web surfing.  But the operation is timing out, in web speak, and I’m pretty sure that means that my blog no longer exists.  Which is most definitely a bummer, since for the first couple years of my professional career, it was one nexus for conversations with other people interested in the then-new concept of blogs in education (including Will Richardson, Anne Davis, Peter Ford, Sebastian Fiedler…).   The experience of being part of a far-flung group of smart, energetic people really made me feel like a legitimate member of a knowledgable, professional community – which was really important for me, just out of college and desperately trying to feel like I belonged in the professional world.

And now that it’s gone, it’s kind of weird.  Maybe some of my old colleagues still have links to my edublog on their blogs, and perhaps someone decides to wander on over to mine… and finds it not there.  If the blog is the artifact that legitimated my participation in this community, and it’s no longer there, it’s almost as if I were never part of the community at all – can’t prove it, can I?   Where does the value lie, in the connections with the people or in the blog itself? Odd.

On a meta-level, I’ve just realized that my writing this post is, in a way, to preserve those connections, to say "I was there!"  Funny.


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