This quote from an article in the recent Educational Researcher resonated with me, and is lovely and elegant besides:

"One of the risks of ‘wide-awakeness’ is that the sights and sounds of a culture in crisis may overwhelm. At one extreme, they may thrust the teacher back into reliance on precedent…At the other extreme, they may cause him deep disquietude. He may realize, as never before, that he is responsible for his moral choices, that – with dissonance afflicting him and no one to run to for a resolution – he is dreadfully free…" (Maxine Green, 1973)

This also describes my experience coming to "wide-awakeness" as a graduate student, a process both wonderful and "dreadful" at the same time, as the quote suggests.

(As an aside, I have no idea how long this frequent blogging will continue once my boss gets back from break, and I start collecting data for my dissertation.  In the meantime though, it’s nice to be catching up on some reading, and some blogging…)


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