to move or not to move

So I’ve been thinking about moving my blog to another service.  Not that I don’t like typepad, because I do, but I pay $8 a month and I definitely don’t take advantage of all that offers me.  You might say, well then take advantage of it, why dontcha?  Yeah… probably not going to happen, so I might as well save a few bucks.  Over the summer, I created a WordPress blog for the class I was helping out with, and I was pretty impressed with the features that you get on the free version.  I’ve been playing around with WordPress again, managed to import my data from this blog, including my blogroll…  change might be in the air…  Those of you who have changed blog hosts in the past, any advice?  What’s the biggest downfall, aside from having to redirect my readers?


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  1. lmv

    i’ve been thinking about this, too. but i don’t think i blog enough to warrant a change. although, i wonder if my blogging would change if all of my online “stuff” – webpage, blog – were under one umbrella?? sorry this wasn’t too helpful.
    on another note – im just now looking at your pics from new orleans. wow…

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