viral phone messages from the 80s

A story that recently aired on the This American Life radio program offers eerie parallels to today’s viral media.  It rather hilariously relates how a voicemail message got passed around Columbia University’s campus and became an overnight sensation, launching the voicemail recipient into campus-wide stardom.  Listen to the story, and in your mind replace "voicemail" with "email" or better yet, "YouTube video."  It’s a nice reminder of the fact that we didn’t just invent this sort of creative act at the birth of the Internet.  Look for show #203: Recordings for Someone on the This American Life website.



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2 responses to “viral phone messages from the 80s

  1. mamoru

    hey, I listened to the whole thing. Well, just the part I about the phone message from the past. I really enjoyed it. I felt like now I know more about the school…good luck with 8:30 presentations

  2. Sarah

    It is illuminating, isn’t it? Maybe we should get something similar going at TC… 😉

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