due to the fact

that I just lost the last 20 minutes of my life deleting the thousands of comment spams with which my poor blog has been inundated over the past several days, I have turned on comment moderation on this blog.  All your comments now go through a gatekeeper, i.e. me.  Thanks a bunch, comment spammers!  :/



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2 responses to “due to the fact

  1. Paul

    Spam sucks doesnt it.
    Would you like some Viagra?

  2. gus

    Nice work, Paul, you got through her guard… 😉
    I have also had a huge problem with comment spam, but I’m finding MovableType’s newer versions of spam moderation pretty useful. I think. I can’t quite say because the guys who run my server are also working on the backend to stop the comment spam — which was actually bringing down the server from time to time. They’ve put up some firewalls or something to stop huge deluges. I’m guessing it has more to do with that, but between that and the MT system upgrade I’m back down to a dozen pieces of comment spam a day, rather than hundreds an hour…

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