RSSing again

So, it’s been a long time since I’ve used an RSS aggregator to help manage my web surfing.  (Grounds for revoking my social software badge, no doubt.)  It really just gets down to the fact that as a doc student, the demands on my attention and time are already so great, I haven’t had the energy or brainspace to add in more perspectives on a regular basis.  In other words, I haven’t been surfing much.  Even having all the info the same place didn’t help; my eyes would just glaze over and slip by every headline, without really taking anything in.

All the same, I’m realizing that I’m at a point where those other perspectives are really important for my intellectual growth, and so I’ve downloaded the Sage extension for Firefox (cause it sure helps, having a functional RSS aggregator integrated into my browser).  I think I’m ready to open the firehose, at least a trickle. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if journals had RSS feeds?  E-learning does, which is lovely.  That’d do my research for me…  🙂


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