I’m at Skidmore College in lovely Saratoga Springs, NY (in upstate NY, otherwise known as Canada to denizens of nyc) doing a couple of NITLE workshops.  Yesterday I facilitated Social Software Implementation, and today I’m helping out with podcasting (and learning a lot, too – I’ve listened to podcasts, and have an abstract idea of the components involved, but have never made one myself).  After this, it’s on to Middlebury for a few meetings, visiting friends, and R&R.  Got a head start on the R&R last night – a friend and I went climbing at a gym called Rocksport, which definitely lived up to its claim to be "New England’s most unique indoor climbing center."  It is soooooo nice to be out of the city.  <happy sigh>



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3 responses to “workshopping

  1. mamoru from techlit

    Hi Sarah, I’m happily jealous of you enjoying the escape from the city. Enjoy the rest while you can!

  2. Sarah

    Thanks, Mamoru!

  3. tiffany

    like mamoru, i’m soooo incrediby jealous of your escape from the concrete mountain!

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