before we’re all screwed

Before Greenland’s glaciers completely melt and we’re totally screwed, here are a few handy things you can do to reduce your CO2 impact:


Yes, I went to see An Inconvenient Truth today.  I thought it was compelling, and I learned quite a lot about the nature of climate change.  The bad: if things keep warming like they have, we’re in trouble.  The good: we can actually do something about it!  It’s always seemed to me like one of those huge issues… but as the movie points out, we already have the tools in place to bring our CO2 emissions down to regular levels.  The tricky part is getting the issue in front of the public eye, and getting politicians to give a shit.  I think this movie can go a long way towards the former, if not the latter.

One devil’s advocate argument got me thinking: what if, as some say, this warming trend is part of a natural cycle that will self-regulate with time?  Well, it’s not a coincidence that the warming trend began in the post-Industrial era, and has continued to keep pace with new developments in technology and trends in consumer consumption.  This all raises an interesting question about whether or not human-made technology is, in fact, natural – however we might define it.  But a) I find it terribly disturbing that we as humans have had such a destructive impact on the planet, and b) when the ice shelves in Greenland and Antarctica finally give way, displacing hundreds of millions of people – and it will, if the current warming trends continue – we’ll have a global crisis on our hands.  And as we’re figuring out how to deal with the aftermath of post-Katrina New Orleans times millions, are we really going to care whether or not it’s part of a natural cycle?


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