Done! with my masters project.  Done, done, done.  (Yes, I’m a doctoral student, but I decided that it would be wise to pick up a masters in passing.)  The project is titled Setting Boundaries: Technology, Social Identity, and the Production of Space on the Liberal Arts College Campus.  (Note the requiste colon ;))  In a nutshell:

The results of this study identify and begin to address the notion of a liberal arts college student Discourse emerging from this group of students, in which technology is not seen as having a role in teaching and learning in the liberal arts classroom.  This Discourse is in sharp contrast to the NetGen Discourse in which technology plays a key role in the construction of college students’ social identity.  I argue that a spatial analysis reveals that the liberal arts college student Discourse is powerful in shaping the space of the liberal arts classroom, a representation of space in Lefebvrian terms that serves to maintain the status quo surrounding technology in the liberal arts classroom.  That these students collude in the maintenance of the status quo is contrary to what we may have assumed, and provides insight into areas for further inquiry into the technology practices of liberal arts college students, in and out of the classroom. 



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2 responses to “Mastered

  1. lmv

    yay!! now all you have to do is a little ol’ dissertation before the madness can really begin!

  2. Sarah

    thanks for reminding me.

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