AERA blogging and TC blogs

Proving wrong (at least provisionally) the notion that eductional institutions aren’t quick to embrace the latest technologies, a group of folks from the TC EdLab blogged AERA for the venerable TC Record.  Summaries of content sprinkled with reviews.  In other words, good blogging.

EdLab, by the way, is doing some pretty freaking cool stuff that I wish I’d known about sooner.  It’s rather disturbing that there hasn’t been more communication between EdLab, the technology in ed R&D wing of the TC library, and the technology in ed program on campus (of which I’m a member).  Annnnnyway, some cool projects that I hope I get a chance to learn more about:

PocketKnowledge: As team leader Anthony Cocciolo describes it, "Social software meets institutional digital repositories"

Blogs: the Teaching & Learning Network, and the EdLab blog.


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  1. Guy

    Oh yes, that’s what I call conference blogging. One small complaint, though, they didn’t cover my short ‘n’ sweet performance Tuesday pm! We were cool, the room was packed and …. Hope you had a good conference, too.

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