too clever for our own good

A propos of nothing, a couple of things that tickled my fancy as I surfed the web this evening:

  counter-hippie stop sign stickers
I have nothing against hippies, but when I lived in Vermont I saw quite a few stop signs adorned with stickers, mostly in the vein of "STOP the illegal war."  Nothing against that either.  🙂  I think it’s pretty funny that it’s a wide enough practice to merit this kind of joke, though – and frankly, "STOP Hammer Time?"  Freaking hilarious.

Also by the twisted minds of Glarkware, urban asshole notification cards: "Now you can confront those who wrong you, in a way that won’t result in your getting your ass beat up."  This is a window into an aspect of my personality that you don’t really need to see, but for any of you who have lived in New York or another major urban area, you can’t tell me that at some point, you wouldn’t have loved to hand someone a card having checked the "excessive car honking" box, or the "berating servicepeople for things not their fault" box, or the "stopping to chat or look around in front of doorway, elevator or escalator" box?  I mean, come on, people, where you were raised?  Where’s your common sense?  And yes, I will freely admit that no matter how hard I try to be considerate, there are times when someone should hand me a card with a few of those boxes checked (not saying which ones, though).

Aaaanyway.  I’ve had a few long days and some sleepless nights, can you tell?  🙂  If you’re going to AERA and/or will be in San Francisco at the end of this week, look me up!  Here’s one place you’ll be able to find me for sure (shameless plug for my roundtable presentation): Friday April 7, 3:05 pm, Moscone Center West Room 3005. 


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