moving on

Okey dokey.  I was still a little nervous going into it – for no good reason, as I came to realize, with the help of some lovely encouragement (thanks!) – but you know, exams and all.  In the end, I’m happy to report that I was pleased with the answer I put together – ended up using blogging as a specific technological intervention in the context of a liberal arts classroom, to talk about blogging as a way to help meet the goals of liberal education, and specific pedagogical goals, and raise issues about appropriating pop culture texts in the classroom.  Not sure that that it answered the exam question (a very broad question along the lines of  how technology can help education and/or the quality of life), but I’ll find out in a few weeks.  Feeling pretty ok about it though. 

In the meantime, no rest for the weary, right?  I’ll be in Philly next weekend, giving a preview of my AERA presentation at the Ethnography in Education Research Forum, sponsored by the Center for Urban Ethnography at Penn.  The theme is “Educators and Ethnographers Negotiating Ideological and Implementational Spaces" – right up my alley! – and the program is packed, so I’m really looking forward to learning a lot.   I’ll be talking about the technology practices of liberal arts college students; if you happen to be in Philly on Saturday,  look me up – I’m on at 2 pm.

I also hear that Philly has an awesome climbing gym – 13,000 sq ft of bouldering and climbing, which is about 12,500 sq ft larger than my home gym.  A couple of friends of mine who live in the area are going to meet up with me for some climbing on Saturday after the conference, should be a lot of fun.


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