nervous in the service

Soooooo, I’m spending the weekend preparing to take my Certification Exam – one small step for mankind, one giant step towards becoming a certified doctoral candidate in my program.  The exam consists of one question which we have three hours to answer.  We’re allowed to use notes, whatever – anything except our own computer (or Flash drives).  The main point is to show that you can demonstrate depth and breadth of knowledge in your field, and skillfully integrate the various aspects. 

Although not a big deal compared to, say, an English Lit student’s quals – I hear those poor suckers end up being quizzed on a 100 book reading list – I’m still nervous about the whole thing.  I guess not so much nervous about my ability to complete it successfully (although I get two more tries if I don’t), but moreso that it’s a big milestone in my doc career, and I don’t want to screw it up – or worse, be found out as a fraud, a failure, a "why did we admit you to this program in the first place?" case.   Ah, the demons of insecurity, they are fiendish little beasts.

Anyway, I’m taking it on Friday, rain or shine, ready or not.  Wish me luck.



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4 responses to “nervous in the service

  1. Guy

    I’m sure you’ll walk it, Sarah! I’ll be thinking of you (btw I’m imagining it’s the 17th rather than the Friday just gone). Need to synchronise psychic clock across time zones.

  2. You’ll do fine! Piece of cake, which you will be glad to share with your insecurity demons after the whole thing is done.

  3. Sarah

    Hey, thanks for the moral support, guys! My new, healthy mantra is: I’m going to kick ass, I’m going to kick ass, I’m going to get my ass kicked – er, I’m going to kick ass… 😉

  4. All the very best, sarah–I know you’lll dazzle and delight your examiners with your erudition and poise!! (I’ve seen you present aat conferences and know what I’m talking about here!). As for the insecurity demons, think of them more in terms of a buzz of anticipation that’s gonna give you edge and verve!

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