more geeky class stuff

As the semester winds up, what’s a geeky girl to do but look forward to next semester’s classes?  🙂  I’ll actually be taking a fairly light class load, freeing up some time to work on the lit review for my diss proposal and to take the certification exam, among other things.  Class-wise, I’m taking part II of Comm and Social Theory, which should be quite interesting.  The class I’m *wicked* psyched about though is an experimental, joint class between TC and Columbia’s Architecture school.  It’s being taught by Kelvin Shawn Sealey of TC’s Film & Ed Research Academy, and Scott Marble.  From the syllabus:

This joint GSAPP and TC course has two primary objectives. The first is to create an important and long overdue interdisciplinary blend between the fields of architecture and education in an academic setting, one we feel will be in service to both fields. The second is to channel the strength of the blended fields into focusing on the real world experience of the post-Katrina New Orleans school system.

Readings include Lefebvre, Soja, and a bunch of interesting people I’ve never heard of.  Should be a great opportunity all the way around.



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3 responses to “more geeky class stuff

  1. Wow!! The experimental class sounds SHIT HOT.. Oh yes.

  2. That does sound supercool.
    Not sure if you’ve already discovered think:lab, but methinks you’ll read the entire site. The author is an educator working with a architectural firm doing school designing, and the writing is fantastic.

  3. Sarah

    Hey, thanks Jeremy! I hadn’t seen it, and it’s going on my blogroll, and in an email to my class. Some provocative stuff there.

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