qualitative studies of youth tech practices across sites

So you may have gathered from a recent post that I’m interested in thick descriptions of student technology and literacy practices across spaces.  Scott left a comment that pointed me to an ambitious-sounding study called Being Digital in School, Home and Community: “The project aims to generate comprehensive and detailed accounts of young people’s engagement with digital technologies and to consider the implications for school education.”

Their project description reminds me of another project that I blogged about a while ago, Kids’ Informal Learning with Digital Media, out of Berkeley and the Annenberg Center for Communication at USC: “This project works to address this gap in understanding and practice with a targeted set of ethnographic investigations into three emergent modes of informal learning that young people are practicing using new media technologies.”  Both of these projects impress me with their scale, funding, and their potential for providing rich data.  Do y’all know of other projects like this out there, large and small?  And more selfishly, do you know of any that focus on undergraduates?  🙂



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2 responses to “qualitative studies of youth tech practices across sites

  1. two excellent links here thanks and I am shamelessly pilfering them both for the Digital playsite here:

  2. Ah, I’m a little embarressed about the project website at the moment – it needs some serious love. Glad you like the ideas thought. I’ll admit too that the project is quite ambitious and I (we) sometimes wonder if we’ll be able to pull it off in a useful way.
    Initally the project didn’t have a strong ‘spatial’ aspect, other than a desire to understand how young people are engaging with techs and the literacy practices developing around such ‘engagement’ or use. But I have pushed are more explicitly spatial interest after reading stuff like Leander, Soja etc and so my own PhD will be more in this vein.
    hey … I’m enjoying the blog to – mine is a little tired and worn out at present but I can feel a change coming on …

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