I’m here in sunny Miami, where the palm trees have Christmas decorations and posses of hawks circle the skyscrapers.  Gaggles of hawks?  Anyway, I gave my talk this morning, Blogging within the system: An exploration of undergraduate literacy practices in school-sanctioned blogs (view presentation and talking notes), and I think it went really well, despite being at the god-awful hour of 8:30 am.  We had two other great presentations (Dana Cammack on identity practices in livejournal, and a discourse analysis of livejournal by Achirya Rezak and Donna Alvermann) – three, if you count the insightful commentary offered by discussant Michele Knobel – and a lively discussion that was unfortunately too short.  We kind of had to be dragged out of the room to make room for the next presentation.  There have been a lot of cool people at this conference doing serious work around blog practices, including DrJoolz and Guy, who I’ve been psyched to spend time with, and Anya, whose presentation I sadly missed.  Anyway, I’m toying with the idea of putting together a blog for people researching in this area, so that we can share ideas and resources.  Will probably ping people to see if there’s interest (or ping me).


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  1. I’m sorry I missed your session too Sarah!! Michele told me it was fabulous – anyway hopefully next time we can co-ordinate better and I won’t be a walking zombie for the whole conference :>

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