revamping the GRE

The NY Times has a story this morning on E.T.S‘ decision to revamp the GRE, making it 4 HOURS LONG and attempting to prevent cheating while testing "higher level cognitive skills."  First off, *thank god* I’m done with standardized tests, at least ones that are gateways to the success or failure of my chosen path.  Secondly, 4 HOURS LONG.  Ouch.  Third, the attempt to test higher level cognitive skills is noble and all, and may indeed give graduate schools a better picture of a student’s ability, but given that NCLB has all but forced the k – 12 school system to abandon the type of teaching that would result in students gaining higher level cognitive skills, I have to wonder where E.T.S. thinks those skills are going to come from in the first place.  Seems like a mismatch, to say the least – and one that echos the growing gap between what students are learning in school and the expectations of colleges and universities. 



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2 responses to “revamping the GRE

  1. gus

    You kind of glossed this already, but how about the mismatch between higher level cognitive skills and standardized tests? Not necessarily the best assessment for those skills, mm?

  2. Sarah

    Right Gus, exactly. Now if two smart young women like ourselves can figure that out, what up with ETS?

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