indexing interview tapes

So this is my dissertation proposal year, and if all goes well I’ll be a doctoral candidate sometime next fall.  In the meantime, I’ve begun indexing the audio interviews from my pilot study.  I’ve been using Nvivo for my qualitative data analysis needs, but I was just farting around a bit on the web and came across a little app called Annotape that lets you index the audio directly.  It seems to be pretty snazzy, actually.  I had digitized the interviews and put them on my laptop as .aif files.  In Annotape, I imported a file and started assigning indexes by clicking in and out points, much like making basic edits in Final Cut Pro. There are even keyboard shortcuts for playing and skipping around in the audio file, although they could be a bit more robust.  Anyway, it’s pretty darn useful.  I wish they gave a price break to grad students, though – one license costs 150 euros.  Ouch.




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3 responses to “indexing interview tapes

  1. For $20 I use Listen&Type.
    Maybe not as fancy, but gets the job done šŸ˜‰ Although the In- Out-point sounds like a nice feature!

  2. Sarah

    Nice! Took a look, seems very useful for transcriptions. I’d been using an “old-fashioned” cassette tape transcription machine for that, complete with foot pedal. I’ll have to give Listen&Type a test run next time I’m transcribing.
    What I’m doing now is a little different, though. I’m actually not transcribing (yet, thankfully), but indexing the contents of the interviews.

  3. Sarah

    Ulises, thanks for the Listen & Type pointer.. I’m finally transcribing now, and it’s *way* faster than the old tape and foot pedal setup. yay!

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