flatbread in the big apple

Oh, my night has been made: I’ve just discovered that I can buy frozen American Flatbread at a market just a dozen or so blocks down Broadway.  American Flatbread is, just, it’s the best food I’ve ever eaten.  Like you’d expect from a Vermont-based company, Flatbread has a vibe – slow-cooked, organic goodness.  I’m lucky enough to spend a lot of time in a town in VT where Flatbread has a restaurant. They cook the breads (to call them pizza is to do them an injustice) in a giant stone oven right on the restaurant floor, and the ingrediants are all grown or raised on farms within 15 miles of the store. Makes for some amazing food and a great dining atmosphere. Slow food, par excellence. Something I miss here in the city. (Can you tell I’ve still got my mind on the summer? Not good news, since classes start tomorrow… ;))



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2 responses to “flatbread in the big apple

  1. Sounds like my kind of thing too; I am into taking my time over cooking and making stuff with organic foods is so much tastier.

  2. Sarah

    Isn’t it amazing, the difference fresh, local ingredients makes? I think that’s really what makes the flatbread so good – it actually has flavor. Wish I could cook like that… at present, my best dish is salmon grilled on the George Forman. :/

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