the price you pay

This NYC Police Dept flyer caught my eye last evening as I dined on a jumbo slice at Koronet.  I was interested that it specifically named iPods, a particular brand of music players, as being dangerous to display – because of its popularity, of course, but still.  Then my friend pointed out the line directly below this.  I’m not sure that it’s clear in the photo; it reads:

"If you choose to wear your iPod, cell phone or PDA clipped to your belt for all the world to see as some kind of 21st century status symbol, remember that may not be the best safety practice."

Ha!  There’s something funny (in a few different senses of the word) about the NYC Police Dept. calling us all out on our materialistic, status-hungry, 21st century ways.  Oddly enough, if you read a little further down the poster, it says

"Using the white [iPod] headphones while out in public is advertising that somewhere on your person you are carrying an item worth over $300 that has the capability of holding over 10,000 songs – certainly a temptation for any theif."

Which sounds a lot like ad copy to me.  The whole thing’s just weird.


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