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if:book has an interesting post that draws attention to the phenomenon of individual blogs that come together under a single banner, à la Gawker (one of the first to do so).  As if: book points out, bloggers have found ways to form communities and/or affinity groups across blogs for a while now, via blogrolls, discussions across blogs, quoting, etc.  This may be something different:

"…what happens when blogs choose to aggregate themselves under a
single masthead? What happens when the voices decide to group together
in a chorus? Do they then become a newspaper? A magazine? A union? A
league? A society? It may not yet have a name, but some blogs have in
fact started banding together to form a new kind of hybrid publication
that is difficult to define."



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2 responses to “blog groups

  1. gus

    Well, we’ve been doing this over at Adorablog for a while now, is that what you mean? And fark,, and Slashdot were all sort of group blogs at somepoint, were they not? My question is, though, does grouping like this distill individual blogs’ power somewhat. Like a newspaper, it’s more likely people will just ignore whole sections when there’s a whole lot of content to be had. as in, um, witness…. the internet.

  2. Sarah

    I think there’s a difference between a blog that started out as a group blog, with multiple contributors to the one blog – like Slashdot, or metafilter – and the idea of multiple blogs under one banner. Even the litgroup blog, which I think is multiple people on one blog, each of those people also have their own blog, where they make plugs for the book chosen by the group, etc.

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