researching the process of blogging

I just came across the research blog of two very cool scholar/bloggers working in the area of new literacies: Blogtrax, "the metablog of Guy and DrJoolz who are researching the process of blogging."  My impression from a first glance is that it’s aiming towards an auto-ethnography on blogging, playing with ideas around communities of practice, affinity spaces, and the like.  Will definitely keep an eye on it.



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3 responses to “researching the process of blogging

  1. Aha thanks so much am pleased youlike Blogtrax … Guy is away at the moent and willbe back in a couple of months I think, but in the meantime I will be blooging on.
    Have left a reply for you over on Blogtrax.

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    Here is a recap of significant posts in the edublogging community from the past 48 hours.

    From Sarah Lohnes : Post onresearching the process of…

  3. DrJoolz

    Ooops sorry about all the typos. It is a very bad habit of mine ..

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