university sues anonymous bloggers

This is very pertinent to conversations around blogs and higher ed that went on over the weekend, and echoes broader tensions on several campuses – Columbia included – over free speech in academia…

Cloaked in Cyberspace: "St. Lawrence University is trying to force disclosure of the names of
bloggers behind a site they say ridicules and harasses students and
faculty members. … What St. Lawrence really wants is the identity of the bloggers, who are
called “John Doe"s in the suit. There are eight site contributors, but
only the picture posters are “named” -– using their pseudonyms -– in
the suit. They call themselves “Christian Evangelist” and “collars

Although I couldn’t find a response by the university administration on the SLU website, a February meeting of the university’s Thelomathesian Society (student governing body) describes a conversation around SLU’s acceptable use policy, while a recent edition of the university’s quarterly magazine deals with the issue of academic freedom.  For me, this brings home the fact that in one sense, our discussions around blogs land us smack in the middle of issues that have been around in one form or another for ages. 


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