SSAW update

I’m in LA for SSAW, right now listening to Mark Hemphill and Seb Paquet talk about their Campus Commons project and embracing emergence. Earlier this morning, I gave a quick talk/overview/discussion starter on the topic of research on blogs-in-use in the classroom (or the somewhat surprising lack thereof, given that blogs have been used in classrooms for at least 4 years if not more). 

Many of the presentations have been posted at the SSAW wiki, with hopefully more to come.  The site also has a growing collection of links to resources, backchannel discussions from the two days, and links to links (egad.)  (if you get an authentication dialogue box pop up when you go to the page, just click cancel.  it’s a little "feature" that we’re trying to get straightened out – UPDATE: it’s fixed, no more pop-up. yay!)

Anywho, jet lag aside, things have gone really well!  Mad props to the people at ACC for throwing a great workshop, and to all the presenters and other participants for their energy and enthusiasm.


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