headin’ south

Tomorrow afternoon I’m flying to Texas to give a presentation at the International Reading Association conference in San Antonio.  The presentation is what I like to call a blog-and-pony show; I’m doing a "what are blogs and wikis and what types of classroom interaction might they support" spiel, followed by my advisor’s spiel on blogging and literacy practices.  I’m going to be in San Antonio for a grand total of like a day and a half; when I booked the tickets a few weeks ago, I thought I’d be in full panic mode right about now, with a couple of finals due this week.  In reality, I’m in pretty good shape, and now wishing that I’d booked a few more days in sunny, warm San Antonio.  Ah well.  I fully intend to go only to my session and then spend my remaining precious hours on the Riverwalk in a pair of shorts.


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  1. david

    my parents want to meet more of my friends to plan the upcoming intervention… please tell them that the only mind-altering substances i’m doing these days involve burning post-modern theory and that grad school, dispite the brainwashing, is not a cult

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