3 1/2 weeks

Only a few more weeks to go before the semester’s over… and a daunting pile of tasks to finish before then.  I know everyone’s busy and anyway, who can say that my busy is better than your busy, and who would want to, but I’m going to take a brief moment to indulge in some complaining via list-making.  Here tis:

– weekly reading for 3 classes
– pending IRB approval, recruitment and distribution of online survey for project/ independent study
– book review for adolit class
– file the damn FAFSA (why can’t you just give me the $ already?)
– come up with presentation for conference in a week and a half
– once it’s done, give presentation at said conference
– write and turn in 3 finals (which will include a healthy dose of outside reading)
– analyze data for another conference presentation
– help organize said conference
– present at said conference
– oh yeah, work 30 hours a week
– poke myself in the eye.  well, no, not really.  but i might.

You know, it really is healthy to write down everything you need to do, cause it makes it seem less daunting.  And yet, the fact that I feel a little relieved after reading this list is a testament to the extent to which grad school has screwed with my brain.  If only that man out in the street would STOP LAYING ON HIS $#@*()% CAR HORN!!!


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