recruiting for blog study

I’m looking for a few volunteers to participate in a small research study on the uses of weblogs to support collaboration in undergraduate classrooms.  If you are teaching an undergraduate class this spring and using a blog in conjunction with your class, and are interested in participating in the study, drop me an email at scl2103[at]columbia[dot]edu  Please include your name, and a brief description of your class and your weblog use.  Thanks!

(also, please feel free to distribute this request!)

(spam-friendly email: to send me an email, replace the [at] with @ and the [dot] with . )



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5 responses to “recruiting for blog study

  1. Sara,
    I’d be interested in your results. Ask Lekshe at as she has a weblog and is doing a course on how to do weblogs at University of Oregon.

  2. I’d be interested in participating.
    I have a general blog that I use to relay information to all of my classes. I find it very helpful in that it has reduced the number of times I repeat myself a day from 27, down to 9. Here’s the site:
    I have also used a community blog in a Strategies for College Success class designed for incoming freshmen. Here’e the site:
    You should also check out Wythe Whiting’s CogBlog at Washington and Lee. I particiapte in their discussions and I think it’s great. Here’s the URL:

  3. Sarah

    Thanks for the info, Chuck and NineShift. The study is actually underway at this point, so I’m no longer soliciting new participants. I’ll be presenting the results in May; watch this space for links to the presentation.

  4. I’d be interested in participating.
    I’m a Portuguese teacher and i use blog with my students in secondary education, in my portuguese classes. I’m interested to know results how teachers used blogs in their classes for researchs in a graduate investigation.
    My blogs are in portuguese language and french too.
    I use the blogs to practice writing and correct texts in the classroom, and sometimes to collaborative writing.

  5. adelina

    My email contact.

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