slump…and a light at the end of the tunnel

Oy.  I’ve prematurely hit a bit of a mid-semester slump, and it’s been hard to will my body and mind to work the usual 10 and 12 hour days getting things done for school and work.  I think I’m just at the point in my program where more things are expected of me, and I’m pushing hard to try and synthesize all of the various strands that my studies have followed up to this point.  What’s interesting is that in this process I’ve really come to appreciate the habit of synthesis and reflection that I got into through blogging.  I suppose I might have come to it anyway, but I think that having lots of other good role models (other bloggers) has helped my practice.  So it’s an example of habits formed online leaking into offline practices… although offline I’m more likely to scribble thoughts in the margins of a book or on a napkin, or in Word.  At any rate, spring break is coming up, and I’ll be spending some time with my family and some time working and skiing in Vermont.  Hopefully when I get back I’ll be less in survivalist mode and more in higher level synthesis mode.  🙂


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