Well, tomorrow night I’m very very excited to be making my Lincoln Center "debut," singing in the chorus for the Little Orchestra Society‘s performance of Victor Herbert’s operetta Sweethearts.  The soloists are wonderful, and Lynn Redgrave is narrating.  It’s going to be a lot of fun.  And like a ten year old in a candy store, I’m just really psyched to be singing on stage in Alice Tully Hall. 

I’ve been a musician since third grade, was a music nerd in high school (cello and voice), and this is the sort of thing that we music nerds dream about.  I kind of burned out on music in high school – I was in a magnet program at a public school, which meant music class 3 or 4 times a week, plus lessons, orchestra, chamber ensembles, string orchestra, chorus… – and decided not to pursue music seriously (not that I flatter myself that I could have), but have been playing in orchestras or singing with choruses all through college and after, just for fun.  All in all, that’s almost 20 years of music.

But I have to say that it has been really hard fitting in a commitment to music now that I’m in a doc program – I was actually feeling guilty this morning for being in a dress rehearsal when I should have been reading for class tonight.  And that really makes me incredibly sad, because I feel like I shouldn’t have to give up a piece of myself to pursue a graduate degree – and it also makes me sad that I lost perspective and bought into the idea that I have to.  Because god damn it, I will not have my priorities dictated to me by convention.

So, anyway, if you’re in the New York City area, come by Alice Tully Hall tomorrow night.  I’ll be in the front row of the chorus, blue shirt, enjoying the experience. 


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  1. Wei

    Congrats Sarah!

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