tricky little mouse

Well, I really do like my new Bluetooth mouse, a BTMouse Jr. from MacAlley.  It’s small enough to carry around, the action is nice, two buttons and scrolling are great (why Apple steadfastly continues to refuse this convenience, I don’t know)… but I’m having one, really annoying issue: the mouse loses its connection with my computer whenever it goes idle.  Not when it goes fully asleep, mind you – even before the screensaver kicks in.  Now, I have the screensaver set to kick in after 15 minutes, and so in the course of the day I found myself having to go through the whole Set Up Bluetooth Device interface way more often than I cared to.  I was hoping to set it up once, and have the computer automatically recognize it in the future.  I have the latest Bluetooth software and firmware installed… I think the issue has something to do with the fact that Allow Bluetooth devices to wake this computer is not check-able in my prefs.  I’ve gone through these steps on the Apple support site, but no soup on getting the check box to activate.  If there are any Mac gurus out there, I’d appreciate any advice!



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3 responses to “tricky little mouse

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I’d love to say that I have an answer, but I have the same problem with the Apple brand blue-tooth mouse as well. I’ll be watching for a response … until then, maybe we can form a support group for this issue. 🙂

  2. Sarah

    Hey Alec, thanks for commiserating! Hopefully it’s just one small bump on the way to bluetooth nirvana. But if we’re going to have a support group, we need a good, obscure acronym… how about WFoBTN? (Waiting For BlueTooth Nirvana)

  3. Sarah

    It’s bizzare: all of a sudden, my computer has started recognizing my mouse from sleep – and even from startup! Weird. But welcome. 🙂

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