4:05 pm in NYC



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5 responses to “Snow!!

  1. DrJoolz

    Wow!! Is it unusual for it to snow in NYC?

  2. Sarah

    We usually get some snow every winter, though less than I’m accustomed to from having grown up in New England (slightly more northern, and without the moderating influence of being surrounded by water). But it is unusual to get two feet in a period of 24 hours! I’d say at this point, we’ve got at least 10 – 12 inches, with no signs of stopping. A bunch of kids were outside building a snow fort in the street opposite my building, throwing snowballs at passerby. Can’t wait to see what Central Park looks like tomorrow. 🙂

  3. Fantastic.
    Wish I could come and visit.

  4. Gareth Trois Tetes

    Hey Snow in New York, but snow in the south of France? True, today

  5. Sarah

    Snow in the south of France? c’est pas vrai! nothing shakes one up like an encounter with the unexpected…

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