ant & idea

Driven by PhD comic envy – ant & idea, a comic for Ed.D. students, penned by CCTE’s very own Ulises.  And I hope that Gus will forgive me for re-posting her reply to the comic, it’s totally a riot:

"No, you see, it’s funny because it’s TRUE. And it’s TRUE because by
the end of the cartoon the ant has succumbed to the contradictions and
hypocrisy of these pedagogies being discussed at institutions where
they are not implemented in the SLIGHTEST because the crushing weight
of institutionalization perpetuates only ideas which have been
systematically hamstrung until they are only of use for the maintenance
of the bourgeoisie, and also he has drunk of the poison cup of ClassWeb
and PowerPoint, and you see the ant has DIED meaning he is an EX-ANT
you can see he has his LEGS in the AIR and boy do I sympathize.

*grumble, mutter*


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