social software doings at CET

So, my trip to Vermont isn’t all play, I’ve actually been a busy little bee.  On Tuesday I led a workshop on computer-mediated communication (view wiki), yesterday I was the ringleader for an intro to social software in education workshop (view wiki), and right now my co-instigator and I are convening the CET’s first ever social software users group (view wiki).  The participants have been great, and we’ve had some very thoughtful conversations around designing communicative tasks using a range of cmc tools.  Barbara Ganley, Middlebury College professor/blogger extraordinaire, was kind enough to give a best practices presentation.  Afterwards, we had a great discussion in which I think we both really articulated the issues near and dear to our hearts regarding the relationship between technology and pedagogy – which is why I love chatting with her, she always challenges and clarifies my thinking.  Barbara’s thoughts are definitely worth a read:

The deeper into this classroom blogging I get, the more I cannot
disentangle the pedagogy from the blogging–to talk about blogs means
to talk about student-centered learning, collaborative knowledge
spaces, constructivist pedagogy FIRST.


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