blog representation in the mass media

To slide into some metablogging for a moment: as many have noted, blogs were big in 2004, with ABC crowning bloggers as "people of the year."  The latest Pew Internet blog study reports that the number of people reading blogs has gone up 58%, with the number of bloggers at a small though not insignificant 7% of Internet users.  Yet with all this discussion of the role of bloggers in Internet culture and the implications of blogging for culture more broadly, it seems like some mass media publications continue to marginalize bloggers.  I’m thinking of the NY Times in particular, which is one publication that I happen to read often.  The first articles on blogs were of the "who cares what you had for breakfast" variety and focused on personal blogs; an article in the Times yesterday talks about flame wars between Republican and Democratic bloggers and includes the sentence "the blogosphere’s tendency toward crackpot theorizing and political smack down  could not be suppressed for long."  Many bloggers swear that blogging has, in some way large or small (though mostly small), changed their lives – but this doesn’t scan with a lot of the articles that I’ve come across.  I’d love to do a content analysis of major mass media outlet coverage of blogs and bloggers over the past couple of years – what is the non-blogging public hearing about blogs?


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