yep, nothing

For some intrepid folks, a few weeks off from classes and major responsibilities means time to read and write, curl up with the computer, and generally do the sort of work you’d like to do if you were setting the agenda – time to do "my work," as one grad student friend puts it.

Well, dear readers, I am exactly the opposite type.  I’ve kept good to my word and done a whole lot (and I mean a LOT) of nothing since landing at my parents’ house a week ago.  I have barely touched my computer, and have only checked my email once or twice a day.  (It seems like there are other people like me, b/c I haven’t gotten any mail anyway.  :))  Actually, I did at one point come across a chapter on memes in Richard Dawkins’ The Selfish Gene (which happened to be sitting on my parents’ coffee table, oddly enough), which I did read and then cross reference with a couple of other books in Barnes and Noble.  Very Interesting Stuff.  Did Dawkins coin the term "meme" (as a cultural analogy to "gene"), does anyone know?

Aside from that little foray into brain exercise, "my work" has consisted primarily of watching the first season of Smallville and reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, with occasional trips out of the house for a massage (ahhhhhhh) and some shopping.  Oh, happy holiday!

The moral of the story being, you can probably expect a lot more of nothing here for the next few days, if not slightly longer.  😉



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5 responses to “yep, nothing

  1. Yes, Dawkins made up “meme” in that chapter. It feels ironic in that context, but it’s had long, long legs!

  2. Break brain functions:
    Fire bad; tree pretty

  3. According to wikipedia Dawkins invented the term….
    The article is quite good here:

  4. According to wikipedia Dawkins invented the term….
    The article is quite good here:

  5. Sarah

    Wow, that’s a great article. Thanks for the pointer Joolz!

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