whole lotta nothing going on

Over the past few days the semester has begun to blissfully trickle to an end.  I have one paper left to write, due Tuesday, and as I have an outline and an introduction written, am feeling no real urgency.  It’s funny, usually the end of the semester is one of the busiest times of the school year, but compared to the craziness of this semester, four papers in two weeks in comparison is no big deal.  Which is great – I’ve even been able to leave my neighborhood, wander around New York a bit, and even get most of my Christmas shopping done!  In between, I’m making my way through Devil in the White City, which has turned out to be a dramatic page turner, though not great for reading alone late at night.  Ahhhhh.  Can’t wait to do a whole lot more of nothing, 4 days and counting.


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