Google’s university deal

The New York Times is reporting that Google has made a deal with several leading research libraries to make their holdings digital and searchable:

The goal is to expand the Web beyond its current valuable, if eclectic,
body of material and create a digital card catalog and searchable
library for the world’s books, scholarly papers and special collections.

This is an ambitious undertaking, and as the article points out, is probably only the first in a wave of search engine-univeristy deals.  As more and more "scholarly" works make their way onto the web, I have to wonder if we aren’t going to see more tension in the future between competing criteria for judging information.  Are we going to see the pendulum swing back towards a reliance solely on traditionally-sanctioned information sources?



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2 responses to “Google’s university deal

  1. david

    i fear the only criteria that will matter is GOOGLE or NOT GOOGLE.

  2. Sarah

    yeah, i think you might be right about that.

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