it’s that time of year…

…when routines, including blogging, are interrupted. I spent a blissful two days away from my computer over the Thanksgiving holiday, which was a much needed break. Instead of being surrounded by technology, I was surrounded by rolling farmland and my aunt and uncle’s alpacas. Funny creatures, alpacas.

At any rate, the next interruption comes in the form of (yet another) conference. I’m flying out to San Antonio tomorrow for the National Reading Conference annual conference, where I’m presenting a blog paper as part of a symposium called Blogging the way: Exploring new literacies and new media in weblogs. My co-blog conspirators are Dana, who has done a discourse analysis of New York City bloggers, and Gus, who’s looking at the intersection of blogs and tv. My presentation is somewhat less exotic: a feature analysis of blogs and websites, looking to establish the unique features of blogs; and then more interestingly, looking at the literacy practices that are enabled around those features. In terms of those practices, I’m going to be talking about themes around what I’m calling “tool talk”, orientation towards audience, and ownership. I’m actually horribly nervous about the whole thing, since it’s the first time I’ll be presenting original research to a conference of academics (as opposed to a dog and pony show at more tech oriented conferences). If I come through in one piece, I’ll post a powerpoint or my talking points after the conference.



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3 responses to “it’s that time of year…

  1. Thank you thank you for generosity of sharing your notes on the conference as well as your presentation slides.
    Will visit regularly now I know where you are …. Guy gave me your address.

  2. Sarah

    My pleasure, Joolz! Glad to make the acquaintance of you and your blog. The conference was definitely very productive in adding to my new literacies-related blog list! đŸ™‚ Speaking of which, the blogroll is ever-growing… I’m wondering if I shouldn’t break it out into smaller, discipline-related chunks for easier consumption…

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