blog-and-pony slides

All righty, finally got my act together to post the powerpoint slides from my recent blog-and-pony talk at the NITLE annual conference. This is a variation on a talk that I’ve been doing for a couple of years now, though it has evolved recently as I think about this in the context of various conversations and coursework.

Anyhoo, I had a full house for the presentation, about 60-70 people I would say, so that was exciting. The audience was made up of mainly college presidents, CIO types, and Mellon foundation folks, which is a group that I’ve not made this “pitch” to before. By all accounts it was a lively session, and I’m told that the buzz continued after the presentation. In my experience, a successful presentation of social software to folks in higher ed – from IT people to faculty to admin – is all in the matter of packaging. The hump that we have to get them over is helping them to conceptualize these tools as relevant for supporting academic work, in and out of the classroom. I usually start by contextualizing those uses within a framework that they’re already familiar with – blogs vs CMS, for example – and then move to some more compelling uses of blogs that might challenge them to think about instruction in different ways.


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