on the road again…

This afternoon I’m flying to Chicago for the second annual conference of the National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education (NITLE). Tomorrow I’ll be giving a dog-and-pony blog talk, your basic “what is social software,” highlight CET‘s blog programs, and examples of blogs in use at NITLE schools. (This is a blog-focused talk. I’m in the same session as another one about wikis, so we’re covering the social software bases in terms of common social software apps in these schools.) Will post a link to the PowerPoint when it’s up.



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2 responses to “on the road again…

  1. Hey there…I’m in Chicago, as well, for ACM CSCW. Any chance you can make it to the backchannel panel danah put together for Wednesday?

  2. Sarah Lohnes

    Howdy Liz! I’d love to be there for the presentation, it looks great…ssaw was my first real backchannel experience where it was actually acknowledged (instead of the clandestine IMing in class I’ve been known to do :)) Unfortunately I’m flying back to nyc on Tuesday morning… any chance you’re setting up a backchannel for the presentation that I can tune into?
    btw, we’re (CET, that is) doing a social software users group meeting in January, and I think I’ve talked them into an Open Space meeting approach, if we have the right number of people.

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