social software + learning objects workshop

Bryan pointed me towards a seminar called Rip.Mix.Feed that took place at this year’s Educause conference. The session was facilitated by Brian Lamb and Alan Levine, who have done great things with learning objects and RSS. The interesting twist on this seminar is the inclusion of, flickr, and furl:

We’ve shown you some bits of some new online tools for finding and connection objects, but it is time now to look at a new, counter-revolution against formal taxonomies — user-defined simple, “free-form” keyword tags applied to content opens up a space that allows shares across boundaries.

Alan’s got a bunch of entries about flickr tagging on his blog.

The session site also pointed me towards an article written by Jon Udell in InfoWorld about bottom-up tagging. According to Udell, a big difference with these systems is in scope and immediate feedback provided to the tagger:

Feedback is immediate. As soon as you assign a tag to an item, you see the cluster of items carrying the same tag. If that’s not what you expected, you’re given incentive to change the tag or add another. …the real power emerges when you expand the scope to include all items, from all users, that match your tag.


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